Week 12

It finally happened!! I built my first basic classifier and IT WORKS!! After numerous hours of debugging, I finally managed to implement a basic classifier that is able to differentiate between the discrete emotions neutral, happy and sad in a very expressive context using only the Muse headband. One aspect that still needs some revision though is the … More Week 12

Week 11

As I already said last week, my presentation was a great succes! During our meeting last week, Karsten and I further discussed the feedback of the audience as well as my plans for the upcoming week. Well, it had to happen some time: building a working classifier was the next goal to work towards! So in … More Week 11

Week 10

This week was crazy. During our meeting, Karsten pointed out to me that I should have a backup plan in case my classifier is not ready by the time I do the presentation. He advised me to make a small visualization of the recorded signals and corresponding features (i.e. statistics), after which I could still try … More Week 10

Week 9

During last week’s meeting on Friday, Karsten gave me a lot of pointers on how to approach the problem of building a classifier from a discrete signal (like those of the Muse headband). The discussed techniques were smoothing, using (sliding) windows, … The days after that meeting, I tried to link my previously constructed SQLite … More Week 9

Week 8

Since last Wednesday was a national holiday, there was no meeting with Karsten. As I mentioned last week, the assignment he gave me seemed to be more than enough to keep me busy for a while: building a basic classifier. Since last week’s work didn’t really give me the results that I was hoping for, I … More Week 8

Week 7

During last week’s meeting, Karsten and I discussed the general planning of my research. We ended up with a concrete schedule for all the major subtasks, of which the experiments are the most important ones. These experiments are to be conducted in the beginning of the second semester, after which their results will be carefully evaluated … More Week 7

Week 6

Karsten gave me a couple of new assignments last week: – export the matrices to LaTeX in order to include references. This would give a better idea of the relative importance of a non-empty cell, since the number of references inside it could be an indicator of that importance. – build a small prototype Android … More Week 6

Week 5

Last week, when I showed my matrices to Karsten, he was very pleased. He said it would soon prove to be of great help with my further research on emotion recognition. Karsten also pointed out a clever way to include these matrices in the final thesis document: replace each X by the appropriate bibliography reference. Although … More Week 5