Hi! My name is Jeroen Reinenbergh and I am a Computer Science student at the faculty of Engineering of the KU Leuven. This blog is meant to inform its readers about any progress I have made on my master’s thesis regarding emotion-aware recommender systems. All of these readers are more than welcome to leave some feedback along the way.

To be a little more precise, the goal of this thesis is to examine the feasibility of a mobile emotion-aware system for music recommendation. This research will be conducted in roughly two phases:

  • In the first semester, the main focus of this thesis will be emotion detection. Most importantly, the feasibility of a mobile emotion detection system will be examined, as well as its unobtrusiveness. The goal is to make this system as automatic as possible (i.e. as little user interaction as possible).
  • In the second semester, the emotion detection system will be extended with a recommender system. More precisely, based on the (semi-)automatically detected emotion(s) and possibly other available features, appropriate songs will be recommended to the user.