Time for some experiments

The time has finally come to start the experiments. For those of you who are wondering “What kind of experiments? Is that badass really going to test on humans?!”: I can assure you, my experiments are perfectly safe. Here’s a little more information about the setup…

So, before starting the actual experiment, an account is created for every subject. This account contains the subject’s user name, password (optional), gender and date of birth. Subsequently, I attach both sensors to the subject while giving him or her some information about the experiment and my thesis research in general. Now the real experiment can begin. I selected 12 video clips on Youtube that are supposed to evoke particular emotions (in order to preserve effectiveness of the experiments, I will keep their contents classified for now). Now the subject has to watch each of these clips while his or her physiological response is recorded by the sensors. After each clip, an emotion is suggested by the emotion wheel on the screen. The subject can then continue to the next experiment immediately (by pushing the green button in the middle) or select a more appropriate emotion before doing so.

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