Changing the app dataflow, restructuring the DB and waiting for the dead to rise

It’s been quite a busy week for me… Last Friday, I got a contract offer from Exellys, so great news! Too bad that’s also the time when I started to get sick, I think it might be a minor flu… Oh well, they’ll have to come up with some pretty ugly disease to keep me and my lovely thesis apart! One last complication this week was my laptop crashing on Tuesday and me having to go buy a new one on the same day in order to not lose too much time (because what’s a computer scientist without his laptop, right).

As for my thesis, there’s quite some progress to report about. In my last post I mentioned that I was able to save sensor data to an SQLite database. Well, since this rudimentary database only consisted of one table, there was (again) need for some restructuring. More precisely, I divided the database into four tables: Users, Experiments, Sessions and SensorData. This division of course adds a lot of new and improved possibilities to run queries on the underlying data.

Furthermore, I changed the dataflow of the app quite drastically. First, I created an admin activity where experiments and users can be added as well as deleted. Second, I added a log in activity for users to be able to log into their own account (and for the admin to log into his admin account). Once a non-admin user is logged into his account, he is able to start an experiment (after which data from the connected sensors is recorded and saved in the form of a session) or take a look at one of his previous sessions (by visualizing it as a graph and some statistics, like in the previous version of the app). Here are some pictures:

I’ve also done some research on how to include the feedback wheel I talked about last week (and the weeks before). It seems that, if I want to be able to adjust the set of emotional states, I will have to resort to drawing the wheel on a canvas myself. After having looked at some relevant examples for the past few days, I think I’m ready to give it a try!

P.S.: Some of you might have noticed that, according to my schedule, I should have started with my experiments by now. Well, it seems that the people from the IAPS (whom Katrien has contacted some months ago) are either dead, living in a cave without any internet connection or just really really really really busy. As an alternative, I filled in a form myself a few days ago regarding a scientifically labeled film library (so far, no response either). Let’s hope things change quickly on this front!


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