Week 7

During last week’s meeting, Karsten and I discussed the general planning of my research. We ended up with a concrete schedule for all the major subtasks, of which the experiments are the most important ones. These experiments are to be conducted in the beginning of the second semester, after which their results will be carefully evaluated in order to refine the prototype that was relied upon during these experiments. Karsten also entrusted me with the task of building my first classifier based on the brainwave output of the Muse headband. Although it should be ready by Friday next week, the challenges that I have faced up until now indicate that this might be too optimistic.

First of all, I had to import the Muse headband libraries to my Android project. Relatively straightforward, if it hadn’t been for the ABI’s (Application Binary Interfaces) that are needed to support the underlying C code… Once that obstacle was out of the way, I tried to get myself familiarized with Android file IO in order to be able to write the Muse headband data to files and read them on a computer afterwards. After searching and exploring for about 8 hours straight, I finally managed to succeed in this seemingly easy task. One of the major problems was the Android File Transfer application blocking my computer’s keyboard and mousepad every once in a while. Right now, I’m struggling with some connectivity issues between my Android phone and the Android Studio application, joy…

So, that’s it! I managed to extend my prototype with some Muse headband code, but there is still a lot of work to be done: extract the data in a clean and consistent manner, visualize that data, look for patterns and build a classifier. Let’s hope the coding gods will pick on someone else next week!


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