Week 1

On the first day of the academic year, I met with my supervisor Katrien and my mentor Karsten. They informed me about the general approach that I should take in order to deliver a successful thesis at the end of the year. Of course, a certain degree of freedom remains and that is why they proposed weekly meetings with Karsten to follow up on my work. Speaking of which, Karsten sent me some papers later that day regarding measurement techniques for affective computing. As you might have guessed, I devoted the rest of that first week to reading these papers.

Those papers taught me that emotions can be measured objectively in numerous ways. When taking into account all available measurement techniques, physiological sensors seemed to be relied upon the most. Another interesting way of measuring emotions is to analyze an end-user’s touch behavior on his or her smartphone screen, a surprisingly accurate technique that I found to be very fascinating.

By the way, you might have noticed that this post is a week late. I guess I just didn’t have the inspiration to write something about “just reading the papers that were handed to me”… Don’t worry though, the thesis adventure has gotten a lot more interesting already!


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